The offer can be overwhelming when it comes to phone, TV and Internet. Several companies offer plans for all your needs. The packages are the most interesting actually. The offers and promotions change monthly so make sure you shop around.

tipDo not trust sites like comparis.ch for any comparison. They are outdated. If you want to get the best deal or the right deal for you, then you have to visit their stores or sites. I made it easy for you, just click the logos.  Offers pop up every month!

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tipRemember to cancel your contract 3 months before it is over! Even if you want to continue with the same company. This entitles you to the offers they give to new customers. Loyalty is less rewarded than new sign-ups. So outsmart their game…




It could not be easier for you. One company. One bill. Actually if you rent, you never see the water and gas bills, because they are included in the building charges. The electricity is not. So go easy at it. Actually go easy with all of them for environmental purposes. So your children will enjoy these too in the decades to come.

logo-sigEmergencies 24h/24h: 022 420 88 11
Customer Service: 0844 800 808

tipI am in love with the stylish carafe for the water that SIG is selling. The proceedings go for providing clean water to developing countries.
Check out the post about Geneva having the best water in the world! Aren’t we blessed? We enjoy the best quality available for the most important and vital element on earth!