This article dedicated to that guy. That guy at the beach in Mykonos this summer. He asked me for a lighter. My negative answer was enough for him to start a conversation. I will be humble and not call it “flirting”. Even if this is what he was doing, I can tell you that he did not choose the most effective strategy. And I am not referring to the lighter.

Guy: First time here?
Eva: No I have been here before many years ago. With my parents.
Guy: Alone?
Eva: No, not all. The opposite. My friends are having a beer at the taverna.
Guy: Where do you live?
Eva: In Geneva.
Guy: Oh. Sorry. (With a smile. A pity smile) Pretty boring right?
Eva: Actually not. It is great.
Guy: I bet it is voted the most boring city in the world every year.
Eva: I’d better join my friends. I guess it is not polite to leave them alone. Enjoy your day. Ciao.

That was it. A guy with stereotypes. Not my type. Specially since I had found already my type, as you see in my diary. Still he seeded the doubt. Could we have been voted as the most boring city in the world? So I did my research. Leave it to me to investigate such unfair judgments. I take it personally. So apparently TripAdvisor has a list for that too. For the most boring cities in the world. The last time they ran a survey with this topic was in 2008. And the list goes like this…

1) Bruxelles
2) Zürich
3) Oslo
4) Warsaw
5) Zagreb

I do not agree with the list. I have been in half of them and I had lots of fun. Not even close to voting them as boring. But let’s focus on Geneva. Geneva is not the no 1 and not in the Top 5 either. I could not find the full list anywhere. Now you will tell me this is from 2008. Right. I believe since 2008 we are even more exciting. And these are my Top 3 reasons.

3. We have more bars, clubs, restaurants than ever before. On the lake, on rooftops. We have more parties than ever. Just check how many invitations you get on social media and in email. We have more festivals than one can count. Even the Fetes de Geneve last longer nowadays with the Pre-fetes.
2. In 2014 the Geneva airport received more than 15,000,000 travelers. Could these 15 millions be so wrong?!?! Plus this is up 5% versus 2013.
1. In 2014 Geneva received the World Travel Award for Europe’s Leading City Break Destination. Very prestigious and they know what they are talking about.

I could add a bonus one that since 2008 I moved in the city, which by itself is a whole different ballgame and makes the city an exciting place. Just kidding.

Anyway I do not believe in boring cities, but in boring people with boring point-of-views. Period!