How often do you get a question that makes you think? For a minute or two? Whole minute or the whole two minutes. They say that there are no wrong answers, but wrong questions and these might be like that. Still you think you are pretty assertive and you have an answer for everything. Even for the wrong questions. And there is a time that you are like “Sorry I cannot answer. It is too difficult. Even for me. Pass.” And this is what happened Sunday night.

5Eric had us over for what we call “Fight the Sunday blues with sundaes and mousse”. It started as a detox night (ie no alcohol permitted) and ended up as caloric overdose with ice creams (sundaes) from one of our favorite spots (see here) and mousse au chocolat that most of the time I prepare and they love it (anybody interested in the recipe?). And we play games. Not the ones that some adults play with our hearts and minds, but the ones that help you forget that the weekend is over and tomorrow morning you have to put the uniform on and go to work. Games that bring the best out of us, often the worst, but always a laugh.

This time Eric said all we needed was his PC, making some of us nervous with the scary thought of what one could find on there. Indeed he surprised us big time. But in a good way. He used the website to have us answer some tough questions. Some huge dilemmas.

We only had 3 chances to skip in the whole evening. You’d say that this is pretty safe, but check out the below questions and you decide how you would use your 3 chances. Some questions were both too good, so you did not know what to choose, some… you just did not want to choose at all. I will give you a sample here, choosing among the politically corrects ones. Trust me it gets much much worse. But the laughs are guaranteed. And some thinking I must admit…

Did I mention that once you click your preference you can see what the majority of people have answered? As a bonus, the comments under each question are hilarious!!! ENJOY!

2One of mine…