OOPS I did it again…  People ask me why I did it.  Ok, my friends ask me why I did it.  They are people too, you know.  And I did it for the same reasons I do everything I do in life. These themes run across all my interests and activities.
Creativity: these are my original designs.  You won’t find them elsewhere.
Fun: they exhibit a certain sense of humor.  Yourself as you put them on, or the people who will see you wearing them, will smile at the cheeky mottos.
Give back: this is the most important reason I think.  I wanted to find a way to contribute to my preferred charity.  And I found the right way for me.  ALL proceeds will be donated to Zoe4life.  An organization that I admire for kids with cancer here in Switzerland.  You can click here for more or you can check my past post about their superheroes.  #respect
Challenge: I haven’t done this before, so this is a new opportunity to succeed or fail.  But always learn.  We’ll see what happens.
Vanity: I confess.  I will feel super proud when I see somebody wearing them on the street.  Forget proud.  Ecstatic.  I will be ecstatic.
Love: I love Geneva.  I love the blog.  I love you.  This love feeds my interest in finding new ways to delight you, interact with you, and learn from you.

But why would you do it?  Because you think they are cool to wear?  Because you want to send as a fun gift to a friend?  Because you want to share a look/theme with your group of friends during a weekend getaway or a bachelor/ette party?  OK I get it.  You have your reasons.

I chose Amazon among all the potential manufacturers because I had you in mind vs my own financial gains.  Most of you have an account with Amazon, so no need to register anywhere else.  Amazon offers free shipping.  Their transactions are fully secured.  They stand for quality and customer service.  Overall the perfect partner for me.

Each of the 13 designs below comes in Men and Women’s cut, multiple colors and all sizes.  Each photo will take you to the respective Amazon page, where you can make your selection.  (The black ones at the end just offer even more colors for some of the designs).

diapositive2 diapositive3 diapositive4 diapositive5 diapositive6 diapositive7 diapositive8 diapositive9 diapositive10 diapositive11diapositive41diapositive44diapositive46