Let me introduce you to somebody I admire. Somebody who makes me dream. Somebody who reassures me that indeed the future is bring. Somebody
– Whose decisions in life are driven by family, purpose and love, and not by power, social status and recognition
– Who would travel, teach and build, if could be paid for anything
– Who is confident that our society will be better 15 years from now
– Who cares, more than anything, about eliminating poverty, quality education, good health, peace and justice for everyone
– Who finds still Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King more modern as leaders than Putin, Merkel and the Pope
– Who believes that humility and selflessness are the top characteristics of a good leader
– Who thrives through international experiences and volunteering.

And this person is… your kid. Or you, if you are below 25 years old. This is who we call the Millenials. I found out the above about them through a global survey among 42,000 youngsters in 100 countries (click on the chart for the full report). Millenials are the future and the future will be bright.  They believe it and I believe them.
Slide11In a week from now, on April 14th, 2016, young people from around the world will gather here in Geneva to talk Social Entrepreneurship with government officials, UN, other NGOs, business leaders. Talk I said?  Understatement.  It is more like inspire, get inspired, dream, envision, challenge.  Because this is what the youth does and this is what they will do this month in our city.  During presentations, panel discussions, workshops, idea pitches.  All on the topic of how social good and business come together.

youthspeakSo what is the call-to-action for you?

If you are currently a student or a recent graduate, sign up and attend the event. Participate actively. Share your ideas. Ask the difficult questions. Dream together and Build partnerships with other visionaries around you. And most importantly ACT! Right there and after that.

If it has been a while since you graduated (years and years), STILL, tell your kids, your nephews/nieces, buddies, friends to sign up and attend the event. To participate actively. To share their ideas. To ask the difficult questions. To dream together and build partnerships with other visionaries around them. And to act. You should act too. Support them on what they are trying to achieve. Mentally, psychologically, financially, practically (maybe give them a ride to the event, I don’t know).

It is for all of us. Baby boomers did their best, but it wasn’t enough. This world is in the hands of the millennials now. I can’t wait for the outcome… of April 14th, 2016. And of 2030…