It is not a secret that I am not happy with my job.  My advertising firm specializes in “unique and forward looking products that create new consumer needs”.  This is an aspirational description for products like:
– socks that change color depending on your mood
– Screwdrivers with Swarovski® crystals
– roses that look like carnations
– a breast separator for comfortable sleeping
– hair color spray for bald men
– the privacy scarf, the new replacement of screen privacy shields
– powder that makes Pepsi taste like Coke
– pet paint for a different style everyday
– umbrellas for your shoes
– edible toilet paper
– the boyfriend arm pillow
– bacon flavored toothpaste
– etc.

On top my boss is not happy with me.  She finds unnecessary my efforts to understand the essence of the product with questions like:
– why wouldn’t they buy Coke in the first place if that’s the taste they want?
– what about if the socks change to a color that does not match the shoes?
– isn’t the privacy scarf less private than anything in the world?  Everybody would look at you!

So I decided to look around.  Of course somebody like me, with such an experience, deserves to be employed only with the best (so modest, right?).  So I searched for the best companies in Switzerland and this is what I found.  The most credible lists are these two.  The greatplacetowork one is based on employee feedback of companies in Switzerland, while the Universum one is based on the perception of these companies among Swiss students.  These two lists can be a good starting point for creating your own pool of potential employers.  Since their site is provided in the list, one should start from reviewing their culture and their openings in order to end up with a short list of companies to apply for.  At least this is what I am doing.  Or should I start my own business?  Hmmm another very tempting thought…

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Great Place to Work Institute’s best workplaces initiatives research and recognize leading organizations in more than 45 countries worldwide. Based on data representing over 10 million employees, these best workplaces competitions form the world’s largest and most respected study of workplace excellence and people management practices.




The results of the Swiss Student Survey reveal how students perceive organizations as employers in Switzerland.