When I like something, I research it further.  I like The Young Pope.  Who’s the Director?  Paolo Sorrentino.  So I watched his last movie, The Youth.  What I notice? Lots of scenes in Switzerland in that movie.  Well this is an interesting theme for a post.  So there it is… (source of inspiration revealed)

Did you recognize the Swiss spots when watched the movies?  If not back then, here is an idea.  Start watching them (ideally with friends) and spot them now.  There is a feelgood factor about it.  Maybe because it feels familiar, because it shows the past, I don’t know.  But it’s fun!  Enjoy!


The biggest fan of Switzerland is the one and only, the biggest love of my life, Bond.  James Bond.  In so many movies, on these holly grounds of ours, the man has raced after villains, has come down almost vertical slopes, has had a couple of Martinis (shaken, not stirred), has donated pleasure to a few beautiful or rich or both, lucky ladies.  And lots more.  All on swiss grounds.  A few examples.
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Schilithorn, Interlaken. Piz Gloria restaurant. Schweizerhof Hotel, Berne.  Lauterbrunnen, two miles from Murren.  Saas-Fee.  Grindelwald skating ring.
Realp. Stans. Furka Pass.  Andermatt, near Zurich, Simplon Tunnel.  Pilatus Aircraft Factory outside Lucerne.
The bungee jump of the opening is not in Russia but at theTusker Dam of Lake Verzasca, near Ticino.
A view to a kill
The Siberia bit is actually Glaciers in Iceland and our Vadretta di Scerscen in the Swiss Alpes.

Three colors: Red
Are you also a Kieslowfski fan?  Then this one is no stranger to you.  In this chapter of his trilogy, there is more Geneva in it than in your phone’s cameral roll.  The lake, Cologny, Carouge, Plainpalais, you name.  Already some of it in the trailer.  For all the exact locations, check out this one.

The stereotype of rich people retiring to Switzerland, you’ll find it here.  In the movie, very old Chaplin is interviewed at his home in Vevey, outside Lausanne.  This is the actual Chaplin estate, courtesy of his widow Oona, who approved the film.   By the way you can actually visit it since it is since April 2016 a museum!  The info is here. http://www.chaplinsworld.com/

The Bourne Identity
Bourne is all about Zurich.  Now depending on which Bourne you will choose, you will find more or less of Zurich, older or Newer Zurich.  Let me explain.  The first Bourne Identity was a 1988 TV film with Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith.  The second one was in 2002 with Matt Damon.  I know you know the second.  It’s good enough.  Both films have lots of Zurich’s central locations, since the city is an integral part of the plot.  I will reveal a secret to you.  Some of the Zurich scenes of Damon’s Bourne were shot in Prague.  Cheaper, people!  Prague is beautiful too anyway.  The above link is to the full film of 1988, since this is also on youtube.  I assume legally, since youtube does not tolerate illegal stuff.  Me neither!!

I don’t need to say much here.  It was a big thing in the city when Syriana was being shot in Geneva and at the President Wilson.

The End of the Game
This is for my Bern fans.  Lots of beautiful shots in the capital.  The trailer did it for me.  Very cult.  Plus there is action, murders, deception and an industrialist.  What is an industrialist by the way?  Did I mention Jacqueline Bisset and Angelina’s dad?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
I love this movie.  I am in love with Daniel, it ain’t no secret.  I had spotted already, while watching it, the Zurich airport, the train station, several typical Zurich streets, as moving from bank to bank and the Dolder Grand Hotel.   Apparently the director found the scenery too beautiful for his movie and found it difficult to film in the area.  I could not agree more.  It is tough for me to work around here too, but I am doing it…

The Youth
I said it above.  Lots of big Hollywood names chilling around Davos, Kandersteg, Flims.  That spa is the only reason to look forward to become 70…

Point Break
Foradrenaline junkies and switzerakldn  lovers at the same time.  Some stunts take place in the hood.  Take the wingsuit flying and BASE jumping: Walenstadt.  You will also recognize the beauty of Jaungfrau.

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
Even Star Wars have passed by Switzerland.  Ok you don’t know it.  Maybe they don’t know it either.  Bail Organa adopts Leia as his own daughter and takes her to Alderaan.  Right?  Alderaan is the alpine scenery around Grindelwald, Berne.

The sweet body of Deborah
It sounds like a “specialty” movie.  You know what I mean.  Well it is not.  And the music is really cool. OK Deborah gets some action, but you will not see much.  The important part is that Deborah carries her sweet body around Geneva for most of the movie.  In the movie, you will see how Geneva landmarks, like Quai du Mont-Blanc, Grand Theatre, Intercontinental, etc look in the 60s.  The same.  The proof here. 

Passion of Slow Fire or La mort de Belle
I love the title to start with.  I also love that the full film is posted on youtube above.   It has in it the University, the International school and lot of Old town.  All from the 50’s.  Very curious, plus a fan of film noir.  A Sunday night must!

The Swiss Conspiracy
Some of the richest people in the world, lots of undercover folks and the name of the game is blackmail.  We are talking about a lot of money and people who are ready to do anything to get it.  Zurich seemed to be the perfect background for this plot.  On my To-Watch-list for sure.  Similar to the film above.

The November Man
There is a scene in Lausanne.  You see Lausanne, but it isn’t.  Too expensive again.  It is Montenegro.  Trivia that generates ideas.  I want to visit Montenegro now!

Iron Man 3
I do not want to disappoint you again, but I will.  Those conference and parties in Bern?  Well they never happened.  Never happened in Bern.  It was a lie.  They never showed up here.  All done in locations pretending to be Berne.  I hate liars…

For people who are into this short of trivia, I found two websites which are really amazing.  These folks have done an amazing job in capturing all the cool info about what we see in movies.  I mean there is a lots, but these two are my very favorite.

The Movie Tourist (I adore his photos of “in the movie” and “in reality”)

The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations