You’d think that the 3 Supermodels from the 90’s came back to do the Lanvin campaign just for the money. Nope. Or for another 15 minutes of fame now in their mid 40’s? No, it is not that either either. They came back for you. To give you a lesson. No, not the lesson of comeback. Well, why not that too actually?  The main lesson for you here is how to take pictures in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Look up. High. The sky.
Why? No double chin, no neck wrinkles. The light falls from above and any traces of the handful of decades on your face are not visible since the camera is looking at your face from a very polite angle.
balmain-superbowl-ad-22. Close your eyes.
First of all this makes the above rule more meaningful. You look up with your eyes closed, as in dreaming, or feeling, or having an orgasm. Better than pretending looking at a random bird in the sky which is about to defecate on you. The closed eyes are another trick to disguise your age. The life experience, the maturity is visible in the eyes, you cant hide that. Think of the fresh eyes of the teenagers. Finally the closed eyes mask the wrinkles of the entire face. If you think about it, when you close your eyes you have no expression and no expression means no wrinkles anywhere, not around the mouth, not around the eyes, not on the forehead.
Cindy-Claudia-Balmain3. Attitude. Attitude. Attitude.
If the pose is boring, then people look at your face. Which eventually leads to observing how you have aged. You need to create a distraction. The right pose, is not just a distraction, but it can give energy, freshness, sexiness and more. Look at the girls below. They are shouting “I’m fabulous. Worship me. Eat it, bitches”.

4. Show some skin. Some. Little.
Don’t go all the way to the Madonna level of exhibiting your butt at 60 years old, but some flesh gives a youthful impression. It is sexy, alive, intriguing. But little. In a tasteful way. And preferably parts that look good…

5. Black and White.
Color is happier I know. But we are going for a sexy fabulous look here. OK? This is not a photo for your grandma, but for millions of facebook likes (plus some inbox messages asking you out). So black and white is the way to go. No discolorations visible, no pimples, no sun spots, plus the atmospheric sexiness is a given when you go B&W. You get it at once.

Finally the obvious. Photoshop is a girls’s/boy’s/anybody’s best friend. It can do miracles. So if a friend of yours is good at that, then be a better friend to him already., Actually it is worth you develop this skill yourself. You will have the best photos online, plus you can make a living out of it…