Have you read the Secret?  No?  I am not judging you.  Yes?  Wow!  Ok, not judging you again.  I have read it.  Twice.  What’s that?!?!?  Are YOU judging me now?  Anyway.  The main lesson from the Secret is that if you want something badly, then it happens.  I have applied it many times in my life.  I wanted to become a writer, I got… this blog.  Right.  I wanted to become famous, I got… my hair caught at the tram door.  Right again.  You get the point. However in that spirit, the Secret spirit, the wish-&-you-will-have spirit, I will talk about SUNSHINE!

I love the sun, you love the sun, he loves the sun, we love the sun, they love the sun. So for the love of sun, let’s get the record straight!

What is the sunniest place on Earth?
Arizona!!!  Surprised?
So if I want to have a safe bet when it comes to having a sunny day, where should I go, let’s say, in February or November?
Somewhere there will be over 10 hours of sun everyday!Slide3


Sure, but all this is too far.  In Europe, tell me in Europe, which are the sunniest places?
You guessed right for the most part.  But did you expect Marseille to be on top of the list?!?!?!  This makes it almost 8 hours of sun every single day!Slide1

Still too far.  Bring it home!  Where is the sun hanging out the most in Switzerland?
Above the clouds is a safe bet.  And then there is Locarno.Slide2I am a tourist and I am thinking of visiting Geneva or Zurich.   When should I come to enjoy the most sun by the lake? July obviously.  By the way, Lugano beats the bigger cities, but Geneva gets a stronger tan than Zurich between Spring and Summer!Slide1Source 1 Source 2