Eric: Truth or Dare?
Alice: What are you? 15yo or something?
Eric: There has been a silence for 3.5 minutes already and the energy of this bar is less happpening than Sunday school. Therefore, truth or dare?
Alice: Truth.
Eva: Dare.
Eric: Suddenly I have too much offer. One at a time, girls, one at a time. Alice, for your truth: do you use toys?
Alice: Shall I play my blond card here? As in, what toys? Playmobil or Lego? Or shall I get all cranky at you, as in, “how very dare you”?  I’ll pass, for both. I will just smile to you.
Eric: I am proud of you, Alice. For once you acted your age. And you height. And your weight.
Alice: Eh?
Eric: Never mind. Did you see the survey?  Eva, you love surveys.  Why skipping the most intriguing one?  Is it because Geneva came 4th, after even Berne, in the sexiest cantons in Switzerland?
Eva: How sexy a canton is cannot be judged by the number of Womanizer W500 that are bought.  Although apparently this thing promises the 7th heaven.
Alice: I saw that! Next to the oeuf vibrant, which connects to your iPhone, and above the vibromasseur, which has a camera for selfies.
Eva: It is all about product innovation. This is what drives all industries. Did you order any of them?
Alice: No. I prefer more practical products. There was an interesting alarm clock somewhere there.
les-tendances-des-sexshops-en-suisseEric: Alice, I thought you would go for Gold or Swarowskis.  Anyway, Eva, ready for your dare?
Eva: As ready as I will never be.
Eric: Extasia Rodeo. The biggest adult theme expo is in Geneva this weekend and they actually have a Rodeo. Are we going? At Stade de Geneve till midnight every day.  Rocco will be there!!! Will you ride it?
Eva: Ride what?
Eric: The rodeo, not Rocco.  Although…
Eva: No.  Straight no.
Eric: OK, because I like you, I give you a different dare. You have to read loud one of these 5 ads. Right now.  Loud, so somebody finally turns to look at us…  Ready? Go!
Eva (clearing throat)…

Alice: Gabriela scares me…
Eric: I would do the same.  This is how doctors like it.  Culotte-less.
Eva: Member of what?
Alice: What surprise?  She cooks?  Kissing with tongue eh?  Original.

Eva: Finally one that I can understand fully.  What is GFE though?  And Eric, is your colleague Elena from Human resources?  Where does she live again?