Every now and then some of the emails I get or the answers to them are relevant for the public. The below is one of them. If I understand properly, MS (and thank God NOT PMS) wants to know why she’s never seen me, if I like fashion and what is my favorite clothing brand. Voila the original email…

(Eva, je lis ton blog chaque jour. T’es cool. J’ai l’impression que tu es une fille moderne avec beaucoup de style. Question pour toi: Tu aimes la mode comme toutes les filles de notre age? Tu n’en écris pas assez. Alors voilà une deuxième question: C’est quoi ta marque de vêtements préférée? Comme je t’ai jamais vue (pourquoi ça?!?!), j’essaye imaginer ton style. Ah, tu comprends mon français? A plus!

And voila the very original answer.

Dear MS:

Briefly on the why you’ve not seen me. Discreet. Not interested in fame (yet). Blog is about you, not me. Done.

Yes I ADORE fashion. J’adore la mode. I try to write often about although some more interesting topics make it on top of the list. But I take the feedback and I will do better in the near future.

And yes I do have a brand that represents my style. I discovered it while living in US. I actually I discovered them through their stores, which I found playful, different, they stand out on any street you find them. It starts from the buildings they choose, to the deco inside and how they exhibit their merchandise. You enter a real universe, made just for us. With lots of care, creativity, femininity, authenticity and style. I always wanted to recreate a room like that at home.

Now to the most important. The clothes! Keywords: Comfortable, feminine, colorful, sophisticated, personality, relaxed, bohemian, hippy, chic, vacation, carefree, light, trendy, zen. Actually I could go on and on. But it is all true, if you visit their site (link below) you will see it for yourself. I am obsessed with their prints and shapes. A visit to their store or receiving a mail order always cheers me up. I immediately think of myself walking with my hair down barefoot on a beach or wondering in sandals the streets of a colonial style town. Actually nothing smells more Spring than their style. And speaking of smells, their scented candles are amazing. They complete the dream.

Their prices are very reasonable, sometimes quite low for such good quality items. Plus they have sales all the time!  Did I mention the name already?  It is the only and only ANTHROPOLOGIE !

Anthropologie started in 1992 and currently they have stores in UK and in Paris on rue de Rivoli. Some day in Geneva too I hope, because again their stores are such a soothing shopping experience. Till then I am super happy that they ship internationally, pretty much everywhere.  ANTHROPOLOGIE is owned by Urban Outfitters.

Did I answer your question?