1. Totally legitimate to hibernate till the city picks up again in Spring. During your well justified hibernation, you will save money, repair your liver, catch up on sleep, educate yourself with books, learn to cook coq au vin and other specialties.Hibernating-BRB 2. The obvious: best skiing within minutes. That is, if you ski. If you don’t, then see hibernation above.
3. Everybody wants to visit you, but nobody stays at your place. Maybe for a night. Why? They escape to the slopes within hours.
Mouettes4. You can still have a free cruise in the lake with the TPG mouettes. This year they did not stop at the end of October.
5. The sales here start earlier than anywhere in the world and they last longer than anywhere else.
6. You can advance your career by working harder. The fun temptations during the week are minimum, if any.
work-flu-shot-seasonal-ecards-someecards7. Being so cold, you actually get a cold a few times a year, which are totally justified days off work.
8. You travel like there is no tomorrow to many destinations, within an hour by plane and under 100chf. Thus you save money by spending the weekends at cheaper cities than Geneva,
empty_street9. Since there is absolute silence in the streets, you can concentrate on writing your autobiography, long-awaited by the public.
Bains_des_Paquis_26_10_2008_100_821810. You can get naked with strangers (often old enough to be your great-grand parents) at the traditional sauna of bains de paquis and surprise innocent by-standers or even better colleagues, with your gorgeous nakedness and lack of cellulite, when you enter the lake for the cooling down phase.
11. Public transportation has heating.
sunmoon12. There is no photoageing, since there is no sun. The sunrise is after 8am and the sunset is around 5pm. Just a handful of daylight hours. Which makes the Night cream more critical than the Day cream.
13. It is also a magnificent city for vampires. If you go to the office before 8am and go back home after 6pm, you will have no exposure to daylight and nobody will ever know your blood thirsty practices. Just make sure that you refuse that corner office and play humble by taking the darkest cubicle.
vragojq8zup2faf9zg3h14. You have plenty of time to get back in shape or to have plastic surgery. Your hibernation starts January 3rd and often goes this late March or April. Over these 3-4 months, you can loose easily 20 kilos or have your face reshaped to look like Kim Kardashian, like most people, who respect themselves, aspire to. Sure, get the butt job too…
gtg_production_206_0115. There are amazing performances at the Grand Theatre. This year we will enjoy Iphigenie en Tauride, Messa da Requiem and Medea.
168645a053a10f6e99e240aaa2121ae35bc584c3e30e1f9f7f33dde3d2c8b66916. Drinking alcohol to manage the unbearable cold works as an excellent excuse, even to your mom. And for your mom.
17. You smoke less, when you go out. Or your friends smoke less. Another health benefit.
prostitutes-night18. The Paquis street walkers, the ones that are willing to help relax the husbands of our friends (not ours for God sake), prove their determination, their passion for what they do and the superiority of the female nature by continuing to sporting short skirts, heels and cleavage revealing tops. I admire these girls!
1mQUxp19. You get to write beautiful dedications and messages on your friends cast, since the snow sports often come with a price. But lets look at the positive side: you show your love to the blessed with a well thought autograph.
20. You can go swimming in the lake without the fear of the duck fleas.