The photo contest finished end July, but having been busy and away, I could only announce the results this week.  Some people got nervous that I might not offer the awards.  The integrity of this blog across recommendations and commitments is the most important thing.  The certificates have already been mailed and a copy is attached.  Woobox, the most popular for such contests, was the software used to secure the transparency and fairness of the contest.  The winners are based on votes, as you can see in the attached table.  I hope you like the photos.  Do you think it is a good idea to have another one?  And with what theme?

The photo with the most votes and the winner of the 150USD Amazon certificate.

The photo with the second most votes and the winner of the 100USD Amazon certificate.

The photo with the third most votes and the winner of the 50USD Amazon certificate.

This photo is not in the Top 3, but this is the one I love the most.  So I awarded it with an extra 100USD Amazon certificate.  Do I deserve a favorite?  🙂

And some of the dozens of photos that were submitted…