Eric: What’s wrong? Do I see you puzzled or what?
Eva: I am actually. I received this email which I am not sure what to make off.
Eric: Did they call you names again?
Eva: NO! What sort of names?
Eric: Don’t get upset. It was you who told us in the past that some “fans” have accused you of being shallow. And prejudiced. And full of BS. And selfish. And…
Eva: ENOUGH! These are just drops in the ocean of affection that I receive on a daily basis.
Eric: Apologies, Miss Congeniality. I know that people love you. I do.
Eva: Well, there is another 15,000 people who claim, not to love me, but at least to have some interest in me, judging from my Page Likes.
Eric: Then what was confusing about that email?
Eva: A reader told me that my blog is not what one would expect. That I should go around taking pictures of myself, sporting the latest fashion and telling them where to get the clothes and the accessories.
Eric: I told you so! How many times?  It is true, this is what most bloggers do. And they get good traffic and good money I have to say. Plus you do have the fashion sense. Don’t be too humble, girl.
Eva: So I am supposed to be like everybody else? Did you read my post about uniqueness? Do you read me?
Eric: I do read you. But I also think that enough with the Geneva obsession, the informative posts, etc.  The people want fashion.
Eva: You know I love fashion. But I believe that there are better sites set up for that. If you want to get a look, then there are amazing sites out there that do it better than I would ever. I use them too. You think that what you see is all coming from my brain?
Eric: No, not really, I understand the limitations of that little brain. So where do you get your looks from?
Eva: Are you really interested? Because I see you checking your phone already…
Eric: I am just preparing to type the site you will tell me.
Eva: My favorite site has lots of diverse looks, it is very cheap and they ship often for free. Latest fashion, down to earth looks, worn by real people.
Eric: Enough with the selling. WHAT IS THE SITE??
Eva: CHOIES . There, my secret is revealed…

Image by Erich Hartmann, Mannequin Factory, Long Island, NYC (1969 – Copyright Magnum)