Photo (c) Lily Hochuli, Being a Being II, Artransit, Teatro San Materno, Ascona, 2015

One can know the real answer only when he/she is actually in front of or even better experiencing live the specific dilemma. The theory is often different. When we are asked what we would do in a certain situation, we tend to respond with a projection. Either who we think we are or who we would like to be. This is what I got to think after Eric’s question: “If there was suddenly nudity on the street, what would you do? Stare at it or move away?” Only Eric has such questions. But some of them are actually profound. Mostly by accident.

I want to believe that I am very open-minded, cool, easy going. That I do not have taboos (yeah right, as if…). That I remain in control in front of any unusual situations. But how comfortable am I actually with nudity? Exposing my own publicly? That I know. Not fan of this at all. Being exposed to the nudity of others publicly? Hmmm. At the beach, I tend not to notice. But on the street? Suddenly? I would be surprised to start with. But then I think I would continue my way. Unless…

Unless there was what will happen in Biel on August 21st and 22nd. The Body and Freedom Festival. A group of artists take nudity to the street around the world using the body as a tool of artistic expression. Let me quote them so I bring to life their vision in a more accurate manner: “On stage in theatres and in art galleries of today the Naked Body as an instrument or medium of artistic expression has become commonplace. Regarding acceptance in public space, the naked body appears to remain tabu. The Body and Freedom Festival intends to initiate a change. It aims to explore the possibilities of the naked body in urban space and everyday situational life, thereby contributing to its establishment in this context as an instrument of art expression.”

Body and Freedom Festival

Naked Performing In Urban Space, Biel/Bienne
Freitag-Vendredi & Samstag-Samedi 21 & 22-08.2015

Now that, I would watch. And I am sure that I would drawn in to the stories that these people are trying to say and most likely I would forget after a few seconds that they are naked. As I did forget their nakedness, when I lost a bet in NYC and I went to see the Naked Boys Singing. Their singing and dancing and acting made their nakedness invisible two minutes into the show. As I do not notice the nakedness, but the beauty of his art, when I enjoy the work of Helmut Newton, Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe and others. As I was not shocked the numerous times I watched the Madam Butterfly play, when the actor gets naked at the end to prove he is a man. Because art is never naked. Because the eyes of our soul, when we let it enjoy art, do not see nakedness. Like the children don’t…


Photo (c) Miru Kim

Personally I welcome the event in Switzerland and I hope that it comes to Geneva too. By the way, the organization of the event is very professional and they have warned the city where the event will take place, so families and other citizens can choose to avoid that part of the city.

Kopytsa-KirschePhoto (c) Daniel Oswald, Wave 11´, Alina Kopytsa mit Elias Kirsche, Zürich 2013

But what about you?