Am I blogger ? It has to have a title this activity of mine, I get it. OK fine, I am a blogger I admit it. I never thought I would become one. People aspire to be a doctor, a lawyer (yep, believe it or not), a fireman, an actress (guilty as charged), a rock star, a CEO, a country president, a famous fashion designer. But a blogger ? Nobody grows up saying « my dream is to become a blogger ». It kinda happens on the way. People tell you that what you say is funny or that you have your way with words. And one day you stomp upon a site, where a person writes longer texts than on their social accounts and you get intrigued by the idea. You also read somewhere that the press has evolved to blogs, that people nowadays read blogs, instead of buying magazines from the kiosks. And that’s it. You start writing. And some people start reading you. They tell others. They come back. They come back again. And this is. On top of a student, a mother, an executive, a hair stylist, a brunette, a european, the girl next door, a coca light addict, you also become a blogger. You do not introduce yourself as such (at least I don’t), but sometimes you reply to emails such as «dear Geneva blogger».

Why should you care about all this ? This is my biggest anxiety when I press my fingers on the keyboard. Why would anyone care about reading this word after the previous one and before the next one ? I am writing this and I started this way, targeting specifically people who have that exact dream. OK even if it is not a dream, let’s say this intention. To be a blogger. And if blogger sounds restrictive, then let’s put it as «people who are interested in writing». People who are looking for opportunities to make public their complete thoughts, their write-ups. Yes,today we have tons of social media that allow some of it. Some. Since they are designed to limit the text length.

Specifically I am looking for students who have the above inspiration. A while ago I was also looking to be given opportunities to show my talents (assuming I had any). I have huge passion for beginners, for young people who are about to try their talent, their fate on various interests. Let me be more specific :
Who am I looking for ? Students who want to try the (wonderful) world of blogging or writing or journalism.
What should you write about ? Anything that is close to your heart. This always works best. From your heart, it will find its way to other hearts.
In what language ? French or English. These are the only two I understand. And most of the blog fans.
Any hints ? Geneva, Lausanne, Switzeralnd relevant topics get higher readership. The more people reading, the better you will understand if your message hits home.
Style ? You choose : from humor to heart breaking. Blogging is all about making people feeling something, reacting, reflecting, engaging.
What am I offering ? I am offering you the platform to try it out, exposure to a few thousand people in our city, some humble coaching.
Will you be paid ? I wish I could offer that, but I am not compensated currently from this blog. Any freebies that come my way, happy to offer them to you.
How can this evolve ? Apart from deciding to start your own blog (my intent is to nurture new talent to open their wings and fly independently), you can always gain a hospitable corner in my site, if it works out.
How will I select what to finally publish ? Unfortunately all I have as selection tools is my own judgment. Maybe a few of my most loyal readers can offer a second opinion. A horrible caveat right ? I know. Although I have the best intentions and an open mind, my experiences will be the filter of what would work. Plus I have to respect the people who follow currently and spare them from a post about legalizing guns in Switzerland. Nevertheless I want to believe, and I hope, that I can recognize talent.:)
So what do you need to do ? Just send me a message here or at and we take it from there. Pretty simple, no ?

Looking forward to meeting you and reading your masterpieces. Most importantly looking forward to kickstarting your career as an author, journalist, blogger. Anything you aspire to be. The world is your oyster. Thank you in advance. 🙂