I work in a company. I go there everyday. In clothes suitable for a company. I interact with other people who work also in a company, mine or other companies. All this fits well with the definition of what routine is supposed to be. A life, which for the most part, is a well-defined box.  A box that I often feel the need to break. With a revolution? Not exactly. With escape, dreaming, mind traveling. And ART gives me this chance, this gift, this vital survival trick at times. The trick can be as simple as standing in front of a painting and allowing my mind to travel. To places, to notions, to queries of what the artist wants to say.

I admit it that often I fall in love with the artist. Sometimes I have never seen him or her. But in the voyage of my thoughts, somehow he/she shows up and he/she is attractive, mysterious, different. They do not belong to my routine, to any routine. They do not belong, period. The ultimate incarnation of urban freedom: the artist. Sometimes you meet them finally (live or though photos, videos and bios) and they confirm all your fantasies, deconstruct some of them or create some new ones.

Recently I received a message that Extreme Parties Geneva organize an art exhibition. To start with, “extreme” and “parties” and “Geneva”, all in the same sentence is an oxymoron itself. Still in good faith I checked out what it is all about. And the mind started traveling through a certain painting and the fantasies started to grow exponentially about that colorful universe and its creator.

IMG_0041-ModifierLadies and Gentlemen, I present you Philippe Baldacchino. His work got me to forget to check my phone for minutes. To escape the routine and swim in blue, yellow and black seas with questionable creatures.  Was it the intense colors? I do love color (even if it is just on the soles of my Louboutins). Was it the strong shapes that jumped out audaciously of the canvas? The contrast has stopping power undoubtedly. Was it the sensual innuendos? Maybe I only see them, so no comment. Was it the tribal aspect that fascinates me and scares me at the same time? I guess it is all of the above.

Andrey was kind enough to tell me more about Mr Baldacchino’s work. “Colourful & weird tribal art from Philippe Baldacchino: the artist combines bright colours, lights, ancient and modern technology to create his masterpieces.” I would drop the weird, I would applaud the ancient technology and I would agree with the masterpieces. Since I already fell in love with a dozen of his paintings and already fantasized about Philippe, I had to ask a few questions. And I did. I got answers. Philippe’s answers (see the short interview below) reveal somebody unpredictable, simple and sophisticated, calm and powerful, humble and hyperbolic. I have more questions for him and I know where to find him tonight… The glass of wine will help me unleash the courage the question I did not ask. So, tonight…

March 13th, 2015; 6:30pm – 10:30pm @ Rue le Royer 25 Geneve (Acacias) Click here for more

Philippe Baldacchino is organising a big exhibition in Geneva – you are welcome to come, see and talk to the artist. The artist combines bright colours, lights, ancient and modern technology to create his masterpieces.  This Friday (March 13, 18h30) there will be a vernissage, where you can enjoy the art while enjoying a glass of nice red or white wine 🙂


What should we know about the artist as we come to your exhibition? If anything?
I am an artist coming from the south west of France and I have studied at the Toulouse art school.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by etruscan art, mediterranean art fascinates me.

What could inspire you from Geneva specifically?
What inspires me about Geneva is that it’s a mix of “quiet, luxury and sensual delight”.

How should I read your art? What should I look for in it?
I paint to fill the emptiness with a multitude of shapes and signs, which creates an all over on the canvas. To me the human body is a fascinating subject that I paint, photograph and stage. This allows me to create the theatre of my own fantasies. It’s an open story in which the spectator can read and make his own.

If I had my headphones on, while browsing your art, what kind of music should I be listening to?
Hawaiian music, ukulélé.

The exhibition is hosted by Extreme Parties Geneva. What is extreme for you? What is a party? What is Geneva for you?
The “Extreme Parties Geneva” team are good friends and collaborators of mine: I worked with them on a number of projects. For me, Geneva is a glow in the dark jellyfish. A party… it’s an efficient network of good friends sharing great moments in Geneva.

Your creations seem very strong, overwhelming, maybe delirious. Should I imagine you like that when you create them?
Not at all, I’m more calm and focused than delirious when I create. But sometimes people who I collaborate with find me a little strange.

It looks like you love color. Which is the most colorful city for you?
Rio de Janeiro would be a good example of a colorful city.

What is the question I should have asked you and I didn’t?
Good question…!

Would you answer the question I did not ask you?
Bad question…!