So you have the idea to start a blog about Geneva. You have a mission: to make life here more exciting, to connect with the people of the city you love and to show the world that this city is special. The blog becomes popular. Because people are generous, because they subscribe to your vision, because they engage to the fun spirit of the blog. And you feel happy that you do not spend hours researching and writing for nothing. There is somebody on the other end. And it is almost an 1-to-1 connection. There is an interaction. Some like it, some agree. Some disagree or disapprove. And it is all fine. Because there is an interaction, a give-n-take. But there is a moment you are speechless about what you discovered yourself through this blog. About what you had the chance to witness. This is my case. I am speechless.

During the summer I came across The Port. I just thought that the idea was cool. It was new, different, noble, worth getting to know more about it. I did not participate myself.  The heavy travel schedule as an excuse?  Being coward/shy the real reason?  Maybe all of the above.  And now I am jealous.  I never imagined the power of the brains that participated in this initiative. How impactful, fun and unique experience it seemed to be.  It is such a refreshing surprise to find out that the outcome of the initiative was even bigger than its original noble vision. The participants, a special species of unsung heroes, employed their passion, their creativity, their skills for making a difference in the world. All with no personal benefit, other than sharing an amazing experience with existing and new friends (see the photos below).

While speechless, while jealous, I am super proud at the same time. For having the honor to be even a spectator of the immense generosity of human spirit, of the participants that were hosted in our city just a few days ago. I have to stop here, because I want to let you enjoy the amazing videos, the unprecedented projects that were completed (click on the The Port logo below), the beautiful energy of the various groups (through the image gallery below).




The stars of the HACKATHON