According to my sources (which are also your sources, see, and many other weather forecast sites), the rest of the month will continue to flirt with the number 35. For some days, this number will be tempted to feel like 40, depending where you are, but for sure it will be over 30. Now this is too hot for many of us. Some people suffer. I already offered a few ideas to cool down your gorgeousness. Practical ideas. This post is along the same lines, but at a different level. Psychological. I will show you why these temperatures are good for you, so your mind supports you during these uncomfortable times. If you think that something is good for you, then you feel less pain. Think of waxing. You recognize the benefits and thus you continue doing it without feeling the true pain. This applies to guys too, given the abundance of smooth chests I see on the beach, unless the male species has evolved to a hairless version recently.

Hotter and smarter. Apparently higher body temperatures result in mental alertness and better performance. We get smarter. I have not experienced that personally, but I believe the experts. I also like the idea of a hot and smart guy at the same time… (Source)

Lower blood pressure. “According to the, blood pressure increases in the winter and decreases in the summer in most people. The diameter of blood vessels constricts in cold temperatures, causing the heart to work harder to push blood through the veins and arteries.” (Source)

All the sun benefits. This is an easy one. We all get tons of vitamin D these days. Vitamin D affects not only our mood, but it is known to protect us against flus, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. Do not forget the sunscreen though. The sun is like men. Fun, vital and dangerous if you do not do the right thing.

Skin effects. I will start from the negative for a change. Skin must be protected from long direct sun exposure for the obvious reasons. However the skin complexion is better in the summer, the skin appears to be smoother, more hydrated, healthier.

Easier for arthritis. Warm weather has a positive effects on the symptoms of arthritis. (Source)

No appetite. Does it happen to you too? When it is too hot, I do not feel like eating. Any conditions that result in this wonderful, but so rare, state are highly appreciated. Any last minute help before getting to the beach works for me.

Being lazy is OK! Controversial, but true. What a better excuse for not going to the fitness classes than the fact there is no air conditioning in Geneva gyms? Truth is that exercising during hot weather and under the wrong conditions can be dangerous. Plus reading a book in front of the fan (or the air conditioning for the lucky ones) feels so good. Still swimming or a walk late at night are advised for keeping fit and healthy. And they also feel good…

Dress code at work is less strict. Now this is not proven, but is it OK for guys not to be in a suit and tie when it hits 40 degrees? I keep seeing this sexy uniform in the streets while commuting, but is it a by choice or still mandatory at 40C? Would it be OK to show up in Polo and Khakis? I would not mind my banker in a Les Voiles kind of attire for a change. This might reveal another dimension of our personalities, the relaxed, more casual and maybe interpersonal. The clothes do change people’s attitudes…

Everything dries faster. Hair, laundry, floor. As Marilyn said “I’ve been on calendar, but never on time”. Therefore this comes handy for my last minute, desperate interventions.

Finally I can walk barefoot wherever I can. I love shoes, but I love being barefoot as much. The prisoners of a whole year, our feet, are finally free to breath and expose those lovely summer color pedicures…