Last year I posted this article (see below).  The new report was just published.  Surprise, surprise, nothing has changed for Geneva (does it ever?).  Still at no 8.  See the new video and enjoy my loved ones judging me…

“You are just greedy, Eva”. This came from mom. “Have you thought that you might always want more? Be satisfied with what you have and where you are. It is already very good”. That came from Marc. I am tempted to say that they are both wrong. One could say that a grown person can recognize themselves their shortfalls. I just do not see myself as greedy or an unsatisfied person. Yes, I strive for higher standards and more achievements. Does this deserve such comments? Let me explain the two occasions and you judge for yourselves.

The first one was on the phone with mom. I was generously sharing that my income has been flat for the last few years, since my company has frozen all pay increases and promotions. I just do not see myself getting to a better place financially.  Isn’t this a fair thought to have at some point in your life? Not for mom: “Look around you, Eva. People are unemployed or they have a hard time trying to make ends meet. You have a job you enjoy (how it beats me). You have a good salary and no family to care for. For the moment. I underline this. FOR THE MOMENT. Just shoe obsessions and frequent travels. You are just greedy, Eva.” This First Class guilt trip is sponsored by none other, but your own mother. Maybe I should reduce my travels by that extra trip I was planing to go visit her…

The second occasion was over dinner on Thursday night. I was describing, in the almost complete darkness of Buddha Bar, that I read some worrying reviews about Geneva. Specifically, Geneva used to rank no 1 in the Quality of Living report of Mercer Consulting and the last couple of years it fell to no 8. This is not good news. This is 7 ranks down within less than a decade. Should we worry about how this city is evolving? What is next? That people steal the newspapers from the famous open boxes and not pay? And this when I got from Mr Hunk: “You still live in a Top 10 city. What more do you want? No 8 and No 1 are too close, when the list has over 300 cities in the world. Do you have anything to complain about the city? I do not think so. I never heard you complaining about anything here. You love it. It is just that YOU always want more. Be satisfied with what you have and where you are. It is already very good.”  There goes the judgement from somebody who always takes life as it is. And there goes my plan to rearrange his apps on his phone as per his request. He should be happy with the mess he has.

MERCER’s Quality of Living reports are used by companies to compensate employees when international moves result in a decrease of the quality of living of the employee. That’s why it is also called the “Hardship” report. Mercer analyzes the conditions in each city related to: Consumer goods, Economic environment, Housing, Medical and health considerations, Natural environment, Political and social environment, Public services and transport, Recreation, Schools and education, Socio-cultural environment. So there are good news anyway you look at it: if you move to a better city, well good for you, mate! If they move you to worse, then you get some extra cash. 🙂

In any case see for yourself how the rankings of Geneva have evolved and share any thoughts on the matter. If you have been around for a while, do you see the city changing? And how? I would appreciate that… By the way notice that Zurich remains a stable value at No 2!



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