Let me get to the point right away with this one. The biggest event of the year for our city is starting today: The Geneva International Motor Show or Le Salon d’Auto. We are all going, right? Yes, yes, yes. So here are some quick tips to avoid some of the mishaps we have experienced the previous years, me and my friends.



Don’t be spontaneous.
It is big. Very big. Too big. When something is so huge, you have to be prepared. Therefore PLAN AHEAD. Check the floor plan (here) and mark what you want to see. Two years ago we went with Eric with the objective to check which electric car he should buy and we spend 4 hours striking funny poses in front of bright yellow yellow and any weird car, that we never paid attention to a single electric car. We had to go back…

You deserve VIP treatment.
And many of the exhibitors offer that. A glass of champagne, a private presentation of your favorite model, a great view from above of the busy floor. Al of them priceless. How to get there? A visit to the respective venue in town prior to the show or an email with the right attitude to the exhibitor are often sufficient to grant you an invite. Alice does that every year and it works well. I go along for the view. Eric is banned by Alice since in the past he misbehaved behind a Renault poster and was the reason for a crew member to lose his job.

Check your memory to avoid last minute surprises.
3 years ago I took my mom to the show. If I could turn back time… Sh was fascinated by the cars. Expected. She wanted to take photos for her friends. Normal too. Her phone had no memory left because of all the photos of food she takes every day. Not normal. The food photo bit. The phone memory being full is very normal, it happens all the time. But you dont want this to happen to you right there, among thousands of people, in front of your favorite car. You dont want to spend over 45 minutes debating with your mom which photo of lasagna to delete in order to make space for a the latest Maybach of 800,000CHF.

Go for the EXTRAs.
Every year on top of the amazing cars there are additional excitement factors. My favorite this year is the Tag Heuer racing simulators. What I cannot do on Quai Gustave Ador, I will do it finally in the safe comfort of virtual reality in Balexert. Some people like contests, not so much my thing, knowing my luck (or the lack of it for that matter). There is one of those too by Peugeot this year.

Cheap is an option!
If you go after 4pm it is half price and you still half 4 hours to see stuff. But don’t do like Bertrand. He went after 4pm to pay half price… Twice. On top there is a discount for RailAway (here). Educate yourself here or there. Meaning right there, on the spot.

Save A Tree Eat A Beaver (Small)Save a tree…
Are you really going to go through all these leaflets you took from everyone who offered you one? Let me answer this one for you, you seem tired already from this post. NO! So don’t take them. The less you take, the less they will produce next year. Instead use your camera to take photos of what to check online (trust me it is all there) or scan the QR codes you can find everywhere by now. Then bookmark it for a later review, that you will NEVER do of course. But at least your enthusiasm will not cost earth some breathing agents…

Use Public Transport to get there.
Self explanatory. No comment. We will do not talk with Janice who drove us there… 5 years ago.