Free is beautiful. Everybody knows that. Now if you want the science behind it, then watch the video from one of the most popular economists of our times, Dan Ariely. And while we are all irrationally predictable, we all also have the perception that Geneva is expensive. But have you ever counted how many things we enjoy for free here? Let me count them for you:

free bus ticket at the airport

free concert and breakfast at Paquis during the summer,

free wifi everywhere in the city and at the airport,

free amazing water, better than evian quality,

free concerts often at parks

free movies in the park in the summer,

free bikes,

free museums

free ads to be posted in many sites

free newspapers in the morning like GHI, 20 minutes, etc.

free french language lessons,

free adoption of animals at places like

free interactive games for your kids,

free wine tasting ongoing at or this weekend at

free music either you play or you just listen, see

free billiard lessons every Thursday at

and finally free anti-aging weather due to the lack of sun.