Eva: I am trying to get Carl to visit us in August before we leave on vacation.
Eric: Pffff. He is not coming. We have tried before. He would never leave NYC for Geneva. We have tried before. All of us.
Eva: I know. But there must be a way. Nothing is impossible.
Eric: Maybe for Nike. In Carl’s case, it is! You want to bet? You will not convince him. I bet a bottle at Les Voiles.
Eva: I will. I just have to find the right supporting evidence that Geneva is the place to be in summer.
Eric: Good luck with that…
Alice: What about the fireworks?
Eva: What about them?
Alice: Carl is very proud of the 4th of July fireworks and it is the show that he is always talking about. He is very much into that, so he might appreciate our show.
Eric: I’m speechless. Alice you are the smartest! I think we are on to something here.
Alice: No reference to my blond hair this time?
Eva: Alice, you rock! I will tell him about the fireworks! That they cost 3 million and that half is paid by Geneva and half by a Prince from the Emirates.
Eric: Easy, easy. You might want to lighten up on the urban legends. I’ve heard these stories before, but I am afraid they are not true. I read that they cost around 700,000CHF and they are paid by the Office of Tourism. They actually emphasize the fact that they are self-financed and the Geneva tax payers do not contribute a dime. This year Patek Philippe is picking up a big part of the tab as they celebrate their 175 years.
Eva: Still. The show is amazing! The music, the theme, everything. What is the theme this year? Since it seems that you know everything, you two.
Alice: “Man and Time”. The site says here on my mobile: “Ranging from astronomical observations of antiquity, the sun dial, the hour glass and the clepsydra, to church tower clocks and grandfather clocks, wall clocks and watches, chronometers and the atomic clock, our journey through time will be punctuated by a thousand effects including fountains and Roman candles, tonnes of gunpowder, and of course the famous final bouquet that will light up the sky over the Harbour!”
Eric: All this in 55 minutes? The 700,000CHF are a bargain then!
Eva: Where do we watch them? Us and the other 500,000 spectators like every year? The usual suspects? At the restaurant bar of one of the hotels on the lake? From the beach or the streets around Paquis and Eaux Vives? The paying section on Jardins Anglais?
Alice: How about we do something crazy this year? We take the Fireworks cruise. Or we can go even crazier. Rent our own boat and watch them from the lake!!!
Eva: Alice, you are on fire today!!! How many good ideas will you have till the end of the night?
Eric: I’m in. I’m gonna start calling the rest of the folks so we make the reservation asap.
Alice: Who’s going to call Carl?
Eva: Who?
Alice: Oh Carl! I’ll send him a whatsapp. “Geneva fireworks rock on August 2nd and 9th “. If he comes fine, otherwise his loss…


logo_cgn  The Fireworks cruise of CGN leaving at 18.45 from Mont Blanc coming back at 23:00.

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