PUBLIC SCHOOLS in Geneva-The School System
The public school system in Geneva is made up of several stages. From the age of 4 years old (before June 30th per academic year, September 31st upon request) children are able to start school. This is called “École Enfantine” and is at a pre-primary level. Young children attend this for 2 years and it’s compulsory.
After this stage is “Ecole Primaire”, which is effectively primary school and is also compulsory. Children attend “Ecole Primaire” for 6 years. After completing “Ecole Primaire” children go to the “cycle d’orientation” (secondary school) for 3 years. After completing this compulsory education, teenagers are then free to choose between further education or apprenticeships etc.
The teaching language is always in French. However, there are special classes for children who cannot speak French so they do not fall behind academically.

The private school system in Geneva works similarly to the public school system, however the majority of these private schools are bilingual (English/French) or international (English). They provide International baccalaureate programs as well as US and British programs.  However, the Swiss private school system is expensive and for most schools there is a waiting list. As soon as you decide for your children to attend private school you must submit your application straight away.

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There are several universities in Geneva. The main two are The University of Geneva and The Graduate Institute of International and Development studies. The University of Lausanne is also nearby, proving more popular than The University of Geneva as a student location.

The University of Geneva is composed of eight faculties (Science, Medicine, Humanities, Social Science and Economics, Law, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Theology and Translation and Interpreting).

The Graduate Institute is dedicated to Masters programmes, PHD programmes and any other forms of further education. All courses are related to international studies (be it law, political science or economics) or development studies (international relations etc).


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