Who is Eva?

Eva is the girl next door. A girl that loves life, strong emotions, diverse experiences and Geneva. And most importantly Eva is a girl at your services. Not in the naughty way, but to help you with your everyday life, to make it easy, fun, memorable. If you want to know more, then just ask her or send her an email.

Why the website does not have more photos, more articles, more stuff in general?

Eva’s concept is to kick start your day with a simple and short email. An email which contains a motivational quote, the post of the day and a different type of weather forecast. And all this is offered through the daily newsletter. Eva does not want to take longer than 5 minutes of your time, because she recognizes that you get a lot of messages everyday. She aspires to be your first message of the day. A message which is light, often funny, always useful and definitely SHORT. So the site is constructed accordingly. This is not the google of Geneva, nor Glocals, nor Geneve.ch. They are doing a great job themselves at what they are offering.

Who took the photos?

Eva would love to say that she took all the photos herself, but it is not true. She has a good friend, a talented professional photographer, who has taken some of the photos. His name is Eugene Theodorou and you can see more of his at the link below. Eugene will be happy to capture your own special moments and any of your private or professional projects at extremely affordable prices. http://www.eugenetheodore.com/

I have a suggestion for Eva to share. How can I tell her?

Of course. This would make her so happy. She wants to hear from you, she wants to learn from you, she wants to make you be heard by all her friends here. Send her a message under Contacts or send her an email at eva@evageneva.com.

How can I subscribe?

Very simple, just insert your email in the Get the fun box. By subscribing you will be getting a short email every now and then in your mailbox with her article for the day. It will be 2 minutes of fun and tips for the day, the week, life. Trust me, you will look forward to it everyday, either when you wake up or as a break at the office. But don’t get caught, because Eva does not want to get into trouble. At least not this way…

Is my information safe?

ABSOLUTELY. Eva wants you only for herself. She does not want to share you. She will never give your info or your data to anybody! And the site and the database is super secured with the latest and most advanced software developed and managed by her ex-CIA friends. You can actually see this confirmed with great detail in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy sections.

I have signed up, but I haven’t received the email yet.

First of all check if the email went into your Junk folder, in case your email manager forwards to that folder all email addresses it does not recognize. Or just send an email to eva@evageneva.com with the Subject: Subscription issue.

How can I unsubscribe?

Although this will make Eva sad, ruin her day, it is super easy. Super easy, because Eva wants you to be with her only if you want it! So at the bottom of your daily email, there is a link where you put your email and then it is all over. But why would you do something like that? 🙁


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