So I’ve been quiet for a few months. Quiet here for the blog. Did you notice? Some did. I received some heartwarming messages. And some funnier. My last post was about Pokemon. Do you remember that frenzy back then? I was caught into it too. Guilty as charged. But that sparked questions such as, “did you get fired for catching a Pikachu on your boss’ face?”, “were you ran over by a tram at Belair refueling balls at the PokeStop?”, “were you beaten to death fighting with another chick over a Vaporeon?”. Oh, the love!

While all of the above is partially true, none of them were strong enough to keep me away from my blog. In reality what happened was different and more real. I had a death in the family.  Some pretty tough times at work.  And I broke up with a special one (special at the time).  You can imagine how the posts would be in that mood.  Negative, sad, uninteresting.  I see myself as a source of good vibes, happiness and, if possible, inspiration, for the world around me. Therefore, I decorated my cave and spent some quality time in its sobriety.

And because life is not about how many times we fall, but about how many times we get up, we shake off the dust, we look up and get ready to conquer the world, again, I repackaged this whole mess into a “comeback”. So this post is about comebacks. In my books, comebacks are OK, in my books I allow me not to be there all the time, in my books I enjoy the momentum of upward motion than a mediocre flatline. Some folks below do too…

Robert Downy Jr
robertdowneyThe facts: In 1992, he was nominated for an Academy award for his Charlie Chaplin (finally lost to Pacino and his “Scent of a woman”). However from 1996 to 2001, a typical day for Robert included lots of alcohol, a few substances that many of us have no clue what they are and on a really good day, an arrest. Tough to believe all this, for the highest paid actor of the last couple of years, a guy who made $80million in 2015.
The lesson: You can turn it around!  You can!  And nobody will remember your setback (or your heavy drinking times for that matter). Are you listening, Lindsay?

apple-microsoft-eatThe facts: Apple is 40 years old this year. We all know the megabrand of today, but few might know they were close to a bankruptcy in 1997. And then Steve Jobs came back! And $150millions from Microsoft. The worst investment for Microsoft and the best deal for Apple, since with this money they got out of bankruptcy and became bigger than Microsoft. But Steve Jobs worked the real magic!
The lesson: Insist to be different. There will always be people who will love you, just for that. But please, keep it this way, different. iPhone 7 is THE SAME as the last one!!!

Martha Stewart
martha_cellThe facts: Making jailtime is not an easy one. No real experience (yet), but I can imagine. She was greedy with her investment tactics and she had to pay for it. But when she got out, she focused on what she knew best. And it worked again.
The lesson: Keep what worked in the past. The new “you” will make it work again and better. Plus a good meal goes a loooong way…

marvel_heroes___wallpaper_by_squiddytron-d60uindThe facts: There was a time we were reading comics, remember? And then we stopped.  Thus an inevitable bankruptcy for Marvel. And then, they invested in movies. Spiderman, Iron Man, X-Men, etc. An iconic multibillion brand nowadays.
The lesson: There will always be kids (in age and mindset). Just know how to talk with them in every decade.

polo-lacoste-suisse-x-jeux-olympiques-2012The facts: From a brand for your dad from the 80’s to now a cool logo for the youngsters. Over $2.5billion sales, over 14 million fans on facebook and 1 million twitter followers.
The lesson: Going back to your own values, this is what makes you unique and desirable.

cherThe facts: Cher only has comebacks. For the last 20 years at least. Every tour is the last one. She has received more goodbye parties and farewells than plastic surgeries. And that is a lot.
The lesson: If you are really good at it, then you can make it a profession.

Britney Spears
britney-horrorThe facts: Need I say more? Nope. Just a video to bring it all back. We watch it often at gatherings. One of her best…  The hair, the body, the dancing, everything.  Oh good times…
The lesson: No matter how humiliating your setback has been, it cannot be as bad as shaving your head, crying sitting at sidewalks and smashing car windows with an umbrella at a gas station. All on camera. You are doing well, trust me.