Alice is back from her spontaneous week away. She looked so tan, so happy. I was dying from curiosity how it all went with Derek. If she realized…
Me: Tell me all about it. Smiling non-stop since you arrived already says alot..
Alice: It was just perfect. The town. The beach. The food. The bars. Perfection all along.
Me: I know about all this, I have been there. I am not asking about the scenery, neither the culinary features, nor the nightlife options of your escape. I am asking about him, about you and him.
Alice: He was perfect too. He treated me like a woman wishes to be treated. He just knows how to please a lady.
Me: Right. I was afraid of that (escaped through my teeth).
Alice: What did you say?
Me: Nothing. But didn’t you find that weird? I thought we had decided that perfect guys do not exist…
Alice: Well we were wrong. They exist and I just spent a week with one. Which means that it is matter of time you meet your own. How cool is that?
Me: How unreal is that, I’d say.
Alice: You just need to get into the summer mood and let go. Whatever we believed during the winter just does not hold true during summertime. Everything is perfect these days, guys too.
Me: Have you been following my blog?
Alice: Can I use a lie or a non-answer to this one?
Me: No…