Last week I was invited to Adelina’s place for dinner. Adelina is a girl I met at the pilates class, thanx to a difficult side twist on the mat. We both started laughing when the teacher showed the move. At the end of the class, we started chatting about the very hostile look we got from the teacher, which made even harder our laugh to stop. Adelina is a mother of two beautiful princesses and a wife of a very charismatic husband. Herself is what her name implies: noble. She has the energy, the zest of life that I have seen in very few. The generosity of her soul is overwhelming. You cannot escape from loving her, admiring her, wanting to be like her. She has a successful career, she is an amazing mother, her place is just the proof of good taste on earth and her cooking is divine.

She chose a Chianti to go with the red sauce pasta she cooked. I believe it was a Monsanto of 2006. While the floral aromatics of the Chianti were taking us to Tuscany landscapes, I was interrogating her about the charities that she is involved. Too humble to mention, she accepted to talk about them if I sign up for one them (unfortunately the Christian Louboutin foundation at rue du Rhone was not one of them).  Suddenly one of her daughters showed up with her homework, asking mommie for help. “The teacher said that we should write about something we are proud of in Geneva. Mama, what is the best here in Geneva?” Adelina tried to engage me in this family moment with a “What are we proud of here in Geneva, Eva?”.  My answer was not satisfactory as it turned out: “I don’t know. The tap water? It is supposed to be the best in the world. Could she use that?”.  No, she could not.  LOL.  As Adelina said, her 8 year old is not a PhD student.  So I kindly accepted her remark that my knowledge of kids is limited, coupled by the typical optimistic “in due time, you will become an expert when you have your own, cara”.  As I also accepted that “making friends from all over the world” was a more suitable answer to the 8-year old.

Still I will defend my original answer! In Geneva it is proven that we have the best tap water in the world. The United Nations Environmental Programme and their Environmental Performance Index or EPI rates the quality of tap water provided by various governments. Switzerland topped the list of countries that offer the best quality tap water. Quoting the site and the report: “The tap water that comes out of Swiss taps has the same quality as that of mineral water, which you buy in bottles. However, the cost of this high quality tap water is nearly five hundred times cheaper than bottled mineral water.” I want to remind us that water is the world’s most effective beauty elixir.  Shiny hair?  You got it.  Youthful skin?  You got it! Healthier body or even a liver than can tolerate more weekend fun? You got them both.  Water is your best ally and the most effective agent.  So drink up! The best in the world.  Coming out of your own taps….

The Top 10 countries with the best water in the world:  No1 Switzerland

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PS: The amazing photo with the Swiss flag on the mountain is by Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter who illuminated the Jungfrau for the 100 years of the Swiss railway.