Eric: You have to write about this! It’s a must! It’s your duty! It’s a social contribution. Look.
And he shows me a video. This video.

Before the video was over, I unleashed my rejection…
Eva: I do not post such inappropriate material on my blog. Shame on you for bringing your self-pleasure activities to my attention. I knew you were into this kind of videos, but I’ve told you before that it is not something we have to talk about it.
Eric: Oh, please. Stop pretending to be a Southern Belle, all immaculate and prudish. You are not convincing.
Eva: I beg your pardon?
Eric: Eva, just shut it and watch till the end. It is not what you think.
So I went back to the screen of his new Samsung S5.

Eva: OK I get it now. Cute campaign. You are right. The hotness of the execution did not allow me to see the goodwill message that was coming up.
Eric: Do you find the campaign shocking?
Eva: Are you kidding me?  Not for me.  But for some, it might be.  I guess they want to raise awareness, so they chose a more provocative route.  For me the goal, the intent is what counts.  If it will make people think, then I am all for it.  Yourself, you love it, right?  I am sure that you keep watching it, despite the fact that you understood the message already.
Eric: You know me too well. Do you know which is my favorite point in the video?
Eva: Yes and let’s not elaborate on this. I will just say two words and we leave it there. Huge surprise. Am I right?
Eric: You do know me too well. So, will you write about it?
Eva: I have to ask a few questions and then I will decide.
Eric: Shoot away.
Eva: Do you play safe?
Eric: DEFINITELY! ALWAYS!!!  I play a lot as you know. No other way is an option. I work hard, I play hard. And I play safe. And hard.
Eva: I get it. Enough with this specific adjective!
Eric: May I also add that I have regularly medical checks to ensure I am on top of things? Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV are a reality. For gay and straight people. We all have to be responsible, I believe.
Eva: I rest my case. You are good to go. I will post your video. Your exemplary behavior deserves it. The exemplary goes for what you just told me and not for the kind of life you conduct.
Eric: If only you believed what you just said. I know you are proud of me and you do not judge me. Are you judging me?
Eva: You are right again. I don’t, actually. Have fun, boy! Do your thing! It’s all good.
Eric: I just love life. I live it to the fullest. And everybody who loves life should visit the site and ensure that they keep safe themselves and the people around them… NO REGRETS!  Thank you, girl. Now go home and post my video and the respective site.

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