If you answer YES to one of the following questions, then continue reading. This is for you.  If you answer NO to one of the following questions, then pack light because hell is boiling these days.  Liars go to hell to join top executives, politicians and lawyers.  The questions are:
– have you ever returned a gift you received?
– have you ever gifted to somebody else a gift that was given to you?
– have you ever bought a picture frame, a candle, a bottle of Champaign because you could not bother to come up with a better gift for someone?
– have you ever wished you were given money or gift certificates instead of the gift choice of a taste-less human being in your entourage?
– have you ever stored a gift away, hoping that it won’t survive the cleanup of your 4th house move?
– have you ever judged someone by the gift they offered you or somebody else?

6 out of 6? All yes?  I thought so.  I was afraid so.  No panic.  It happened.  Let’s move on.  I’m stepping in to save the day.  With gifts which are practical, that you need (and if you need them, others need them too).  I am 100% sur.  With gifts which are innovative and nobody has given you yet and you have not thought of giving others either.  With gifts which are noticed and capable of lifting your personal image to Queen Rania levels or Amal Clooney to say the least.

I am confessing that the ultimate purpose of this post was to share my very own wishlist for this Christmas.  Any of the above would win you my smiles, my kisses (some with tongue depending on the gift). I am not selling any of the above.  I am selling some t-shirts where all proceeds would go to charity.  But even this is not working because Amazon just told me that they do ship to Switzerland where we all are (I need to find another partner).  So the above are just ideas to help you.  Honestly.  Therefore  I am giving you the keywords to look for them online.


You want to be able to turn off/on the light when you are in bed.  You want to turn on/off the lights at home when you are visiting the Cayman Islands to check your secret bank accounts.  I am not judging:  You want what you want and technology is here to make it happen.  With these lamps you control your lights from your smartphone anywhere you are in the world. Philips hue is the best in class today although you can find several alternatives.
Keywords: wireless LED lights, smart bulbs

Sick of the headphones getting on the way as you’re stretching your feline corpse?  Sick of untangling scarf, necklace and headphones?  Enough is enough.  Go Bluetooth for God sake.  If you are worried about the hairdo, there are Bluetooth ear buds too.  I bought these Kyutec ones on a Swiss flight and I am pretty happy with them.  Nice design and low price.
Keywords: wireless headphones, Bluetooth headphoneskyutec

Whenever it comes out, we always gather around it, stare at it and hope it will do us right.  Small or big, of colour or not, it gets the party started.  It is a legend.  It is not just a camera.  It is an experience.  With a ritual.  It always evolves to an album or a wall full of our faces.  And it is right there.  Physical.  Not digital.  I want more and more physical of anything. Polaroids is the way.
Keywords: Polaroid cameras_940601-mlb20356142166_072015-o

There are two kind of people in life.  The ones that are OK that the ice cubes water down the drink as they melt and the ones that are annoyed by the cubes watering their drink.  In case you belong to the latter group, there is a stylish solution.  Steel cubes that you freeze and then use in your drinks.  Pretty cool idea that will not only keep your drinks intact, but you will be noticed and asked where you got them.  Pls do mention that I gave you the idea. 😉
Keywords: stainless steel ice cubesstainless-steel-skull
When it comes to coffee though, there is nobody that enjoys the fact that their warm mood saver is getting cold by the minute.  And when you are in the office what do you do?  All you have is your PC.  Well this is enough.  How about a USB mug warmer?  Again get ready to answer questions of jealousy, admiration and potentially a mix of both.  Therefore store it well because a cool gadget can tempt to sin even a nun.
Keywords: USB mug or cup warmer heaterwarmer2

I have not used any of these two options.  But I love the idea.  So this is not a review.  It is an idea.  I’ve thought many times how handy it would be if there was a way to project bigger what is on my smartphone screen.  Without a TV or another screen.  Through something small and portable.  The first sounds too good to be true but this cardboard box seems to be very popular.  The second option is more hi-tech and more expensive.  I’d go for the second.
Keywords: smartphone projector, aiptek pico projector51myhi7pj4l-_sx425_iphone-projector

I saw Gerard in the office showing them off during a meeting.  I could not decide if he was tacky, a nerd, too practical or just disorganized.  The boss asked for a file with some useless data (most data he asks are useless, mainly to make us look for them).  Gerard suddenly started unbuttoning his cufflinks and my mind went to an office striptease as a declaration against the endless data mania of our company.  He seemed to have a swimmer’s build so why not?  It ended very boring but got my attention to item I am proposing you.  Cuff links that are USB memory sticks.  Funky.  Although not as funky as an office strip tease.
Keywords: USB cufflinks cufflinks_606-10342837

I don’t have much to say about this, other than I love the fact that I could fit this into my purse and write my posts on my tablet comfortably everywhere.
keywords: laser projector keyboardmaxresdefault

I should not be writing about this item.  It landed on my head two weeks ago at the company Xmas party.  It ruined my hair right there and my haircut for good, since we had to chop off part of my hair stuck in its tiny propellers.  Bertrand is to blame.  He brought his indoor small drone to “take some fun shots from above as we were partying”, he told me apologetically.  The intention was noble, but he should have learnt to operate his less than 100CHF drone prior to offering us all this “fun”.
Keywords: mini RC quadcopter, indoor droneindooroutdoor-4-blade-mini-video-drone_1000

I was so tempted to go for 10 items instead of 9.  You expected 10, right?  some might think that I got short of ideas to go for 10.  Not true.  I still had in my pocket the Virtual Reality Goggles and the 360 camera for smartphones. However I said no.  No, Eva, break the norm.  Go for 9.  Be a rebel against this undisputed blog rule.